Musical Poetry from Berlin Explores Feelings of Nostalgia and Hope. - Aude Langlois: En Transit
posted 29 Sep 2020 by Krister Axel
Even a fading relationship can be repurposed as a sort of reunion with the self.

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Aude Langlois is a French musician and composer based in Berlin. This month, she releases her debut EP "Promesses," and shares the official video for "En Transit," a visual exploration of the intersection between art, personal style, and music.

Having spent the last ten years exploring the common ground between sound and experimental performance art, Langlois is ready to present her enchanting musical poetry project, combining songs that were composed in her early twenties when she was living in Paris with others that were written only a few months ago in Berlin. Langlois bravely exposes an inner core that is both vulnerable and complex, with lyrics that deal with feelings of nostalgia and hope, finding the light in the darkness, and the acceptance of confused emotions. Written in French, "En Transit" explores the memory of a childhood in the countryside, and offers an intimate collection of personal revelations, not the least of which is the discovery that a rich life is one of constant motion. "En Transit" encapsulates the slow-paced and tender feeling of Langlois' artistic temperament, and showcases her reverence and appreciation for a moment that is suspended between what was and no longer is. For Langlois, every feeling is precious, and even a fading relationship can be repurposed as a sort of reunion with the self.

Photo credit: Oliver Blohm

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