Mesmerizing Folk Pop. - Black Match: Nowhere
posted 12 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Is it easier to leave, or be left? — photo credit: Richard Fusillo

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With a gorgeous pad and Hannah Kenny's celestial voice to open the track, we are quickly brought to the core of the production: the heartbeat kick drum, the poignant harmony, and the palpable sense of longing. Kenny and Kizanis have been playing together for 12 years, and the depth of that connection informs the beautiful duet and elegant sense of synergy between these performers.

Raw and honest songwriting is most important to this songwriting duo, in a world that is often exploitative and shallow with its words. Hannah Kenny cites Adele as her most important influence, while Kizanis brings folk and soul-pop influences together with a background in classical music. The resulting fusion is nothing short of mesmerizing. Nowhere, the latest from LA duo Black Match, is an unvarnished look at the way lovers can drift apart, delivered over a folk-inspired quarter-note drone. Is it easier to leave, or be left?

All I see is you painted next to me
But you’re nowhere

Look our for a cameo and a music feature from Black Match in the upcoming feature film Coast produced by Bruce Dern and Sonya Lunsford. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

-photo credit: Richard Fusillo

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