Anthemic Nashville Indie Pop. - Bre Kennedy: Ribbon
posted 22 Aug 2022 by Krister Axel
It's not enough to learn the lesson, you have to live the conviction.

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Singer-songwriter Bre Kennedy is based in Nashville and offers up a beautiful mix of indie pop with impressive songwriting talent and a touch of honest self-talk. At the end of 2021, she signed to Nettwerk Music Group and is currently working on new music while getting ready to join Joy Oladokun on her Spring 2022 tour.

Bre grew up in a musical household and counts among her seminal influences a range of classic songwriters like Tom Petty, Heart, and Carole King. Now with a sensibility that incorporates the timeless storytelling of mesmerizing talents like Brandi Carlile, Fleetwood Mac, and Bonnie Raitt, we are given an enticing taste of what's to come with her new single "Ribbon." Something about the chorus here really just hits for me, as she asks the kind of questions that eventually come to haunt anyone who has experienced a sense of personal evolution through the gauntlet of a complicated past. It's not enough to learn the lesson, you have to live the conviction—and here, she offers a worthy anthem to that sense of growth. Bre Kennedy is one of Nashville's most exciting new exports in the world of savvy, heart-forward indie pop.

How do you break a chain that's so ingrained in every part of you
How do you learn to cut the ties without compromising who
You thought you'd be by now
Who you should be by now
Where do you put the time it took for you to go into yourself
How do you keep it from unraveling
When you talk to someone else
It's history by now
A part of me by now
I couldn't choose a piece to lose if I tried to

I am a ribbon on a wire
Caught up in the crossfire
Some days are low and some are higher
I'm just trying to stay inspired
No I'm not the same as last year
Then I let myself be happier
Let go and I got a little lighter
I resolve I'm I am a ribbon on a wire

Ribbon’ was written with my friends Riley Biederer and Rosi Golan at the top of the year on my trip to Los Angeles to spark inspiration in me again. I wanted my first single back to represent how I’m feeling right now in this new world of opportunity. I had all the time in the world to think and go inward the past 2 years… and now I’m ready to let it go and allow myself to be open to what’s next. — Bre Kennedy

Filmed and directed by Jason Lee Denton

Makeup by Kasey Rees

Photo credit: Tabitha Brooke Turner

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