Ready for Something New. - Brodie: Down Like That ft. Josh Jacobson
posted 11 Aug 2019 by Krister Axel
The final decision is to let love lead, in the grooviest way possible.

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We have covered Brodie before as half of the duo Cathedrals, along with bandmate Johnny Hwin. Lately, the band has opened itself up to collaborations outside of their studio in the Mission, and Brodie found herself weaving together songs with a new group of talented musicians and producers.

Down Like That is the first of the songs from these sessions to be released outside of the band, and features a collaboration with Josh Jacobsen. With an alternate mix in the works for later this year from N2N that will showcase a different tonal aspect for this song, for now we enjoy the unique elegance of Brodie's lead vocal, coupled with a nod to 80's-pop and a clean electric-funk embellishment on the guitar. The final decision is to let love lead, in the grooviest way possible. With her new track Down Like That, Brodie moves her electro-pop vibe in the direction of deep house, and opens the door to something new.

You don't have to be down so much
If you need me I'm here right away

Vocals by Brodie Jenkins.
Produced & Engineered by Josh Jacobson.

This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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