UK Indie Pop Explores Complex Inner World & Yearning for the Unachievable. - Brooke Law: Hunger (Music Video)
posted 25 Apr 2020 by Krister Axel
Challenging our own weaknesses only makes us stronger.

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Brooke Law was raised in a family unit with fiercely strong, independent women. She is committed to the fight for gender and racial equality, and strives to support women and campaigns along with Million Women Rise to combat violence against women and children.

New single "Hunger" is about an obsession that takes control of your senses, and eats you up from the inside. Law explores the yearning for something unachievable, and the resulting feeling of emptiness. Brooke was inspired by her own struggles against OCD, and the realization that she was forgetting about what really mattered in life: she learned that challenging our own weaknesses only makes us stronger. Taking on influences from artists such as Annie Lennox, Joan Armatrading, and Jeff Buckley, Brooke’s music is emotional and direct, and delivers a flavor of indie pop that encourages us to explore our own, complex inner worlds of self-determination and visceral desire.

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