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posted 05 Apr 2019 by Krister Axel
Encourages you to go for it, no matter the cost, if the moment feels right.

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There is a playful and childlike simplicity to the proposition of engagement, which creates a genuine moment of discovery, and of vulnerability. In a relationship it is impossible to not get hurt, but if we are lucky, we can remain unafraid.

The lead vocals here reveal a breathtaking ability to create both melody and harmony that, coupled with a razor-sharp production sense, will soon be helping this young duo reach a much larger audience. Jump In just premiered on Variance Magazine and will soon be highlighted as part of Soundcloud’s SCFIRST campaign, which showcases artists who got their start on the platform.

Cathedrals is on a short list of acts that I see referenced by other submissions as a genre-specification; that is to say, they have charmed their way into the hearts of other hardworking bands that want to be just like them. The sound is ethereal and delicate, joining a synth-friendly aesthetic with delicious dynamic breaks and the breathy signature-sound of Brodie Jenkins’ soprano.

I gotta let you know, I can make this work
Scrape you off the ground every time you get hurt

Jump In, the latest from indie rock icon Cathedrals, encourages you to go for it, no matter the cost, if the moment feels right.

Brodie Jenkins grew up in sleepy California wine-country in an old farmhouse that echoed with folk, jazz, and soul. Johnny Hwin, the son of Vietnamese refugees, taught himself piano by ear in a small town called Hercules. The prodigious individual lines of their lives wove together in San Francisco, where in the summer of 2012 a mutual friend corralled them together at the fabled San Francisco artist collective, The SUB, and a seminal indie rock outfit was born. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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