CHILLFILTR Radio - Station Adds for September
posted 01 Oct 2021 by Krister Axel
September is typically the biggest month of the year for new releases. We added more great music to our radio playlist this past month than any other in recent memory.

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We added 43 tracks last month. That is definitely a record. As always, we get our music from a few different places: I have a number of personal favorites that I follow on bandcamp, I also get submissions from a few select publicists, and finally artists that submit to me directly through submithub often end up with a few spins as well.

If you are looking for internet radio support from us, one of those three avenues is your best bet. If you are putting together a campaign on submithub, please make sure that the MP3 you are using is encoded at 320 kbps. I have quite a bit more work to do on the development side, but this month should be the month that we launch our new submission portal for both music and literature. So stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

New Tracks on CHILLFILTR Radio

Ryan James Brewer - Tender - 09 Limits Of The Heart
Billy Fox - It's A Mess
drkmnd - Patterns
The Wild Reeds - Telepathic Mail
Birdtalker - I Know
Golden Vessel & Rei Soi La - Jersey City
Tim Reynolds - Guardian Angels feat Nikki Glaspie
New Wolves - City Air
Geron Hoy - Hold Steady
fiveighthirteen - a fever of rays - 15 early winter late day sun
Celine Cairo - Overflow - 5 Pirouettes
Celine Cairo - Overflow - 11 Found A Light
Celine Cairo - Overflow - 3 The Fire
Peter Fenn - Cadillac Dreams - Far Away
Peter Fenn - Cadillac Dreams - Next To Me
Peter Fenn - Cadillac Dreams - Pass Me By
Peter Fenn - Cadillac Dreams - Cadillac Dreams
Akurei - idk why the light's on
Sweet Nobody - Other Humans
Christian Lopez - The Other Side - 05 Tanglin
Constant Follower - Neither Is, Nor Ever Was - 08 Little Marble
elbow - Gentle Storm
elbow - Magnificent (She Says)
elbow - Kindling
Jay Nash - Daydreams - 02 I Saw Ladybird
Clara Mae - Crash
Big Thief - Certainty
Alisa Amador - Together
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 04 Wonder
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 05 Count On Me
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 06 Wash It Clean
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 07 Enemies
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 10 Martingales
The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light- Deluxe Edition - 16 Carry
Geneviève Racette - Les adieux
Celine Cairo - Overflow
Courtney Hartman - Glade - 02 Moontalk
SYML - Where's My Love (The Field Tapes & Ezzy Remix)
Prinze George - Purple Sunset
Doottak - Star shining on my head
Ryan James Brewer - Tender - 04 Taps WMDs
Ryan James Brewer - Tender - 09 Limits Of The Heart

All of these amazing songs are spinning 24 hours a day on our internet radio channel.

Thank you for supporting independent music!

Songs that are registered with performance rights organizations in US, Canada, and UK will receive royalties through Live365.

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