Redemptive Electronic Music from Germany. - Christian Löffler x Mogli: Envy
posted 30 May 2023 by Krister Axel
A nuanced and immersive emotional journey through the darkness of interpersonal conflict.

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In a shimmering and richly-textured collaboration with singer-songwriter Mogli, German producer Christian Löffler is back with a new single "Envy." Over the years Löffler has delighted audiences worldwide with his lush production sense and natural ability to channel deep and intense emotion through the lens of electronic music. We've written about him before, previously for his track "Solo," a redemptive and rhythmic downtempo banger.

"Envy" explores a more nuanced side of Löffler's catalogue, where the collaboration with Mogli has tempered his tendency towards an intense quarter-note pulse with a subtle backbeat and layers of swirling, ethereal arpeggios. Mogli rose to fame with her debut album "Wanderer," the soundtrack to her box-office hit "Expedition Happiness." Together, Löffler and Mogli deliver a nuanced and immersive emotional journey through the darkness of interpersonal conflict, to emerge both refreshed and reawakened.

One day I found the light to turn my life around
and you betrayed me
I felt the envy
Well I guess when I shine I leave shadows behind
but it saves me
yeah it saves me

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