Classic Soul Vibes from Rochester. - Danielle Ponder: Poor Man's Pain
posted 05 Jun 2020 by Krister Axel
Every nuance, every note ending, is both artfully crafted and casually raw.

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Danielle Ponder is a soul singer from Rochester, NY, with a vocal intensity and power that demands attention. "Poor Man's Pain" was written about the plight of Willie Simmons, a man who is spending life in prison for stealing $9 in 1982.

With a classic style that brings to mind the old-school majesty of Aretha Franklin, along with the modern vibe of Macy Gray, "Poor Man's Pain" showcases a live-sounding band-feel with twin electric guitars, a buttery electric bass, and acoustic drums. But the star of this show is clearly Ponder's voice, as her performance exhibits an impressive vocal range and natural tone, as well as a unique quality of vibrato and melodic control. Every nuance, every note ending, is both artfully crafted and casually raw. By calling attention to the ubiquity of social injustice, Ponder crafts a narrative that is timely, compassionate, and deeply resonant.

I'm calling out to the heart of the city
Who's going to listen to a poor man's pain?
And I'm reaching out, reaching out again
To anyone who will see me as I am
Freedom, won't you call out my name

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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