This Indie Pop Gem from Toronto Will Put a Smile on Your Face. - Devan: Feel Better
posted 08 Sep 2021 by Krister Axel
We all have bad days. This gorgeous track is here to take the edge off for someone who just needs a friend.

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Canadian indie pop artist Devan's new EP "Liquid Sunshine" drops in October week and represents a new beginning for her as she explores the complicated emotions that were building up for too long. The songwriting for her entire EP emerged from a personal process of digging up experiences from years ago, and her latest single "Feel Better" was co-written with Jack Emblem and Jesse Gold.

This uplifting electro soul gem, released by Premature Nostalgia, is about being there for someone close to you as they navigate their own struggles with anxiety and depression. Out of that feeling of helplessness, Devan is here to say: I’m here for you, even if I can’t fix this. Devan is embracing the sounds that feel authentic to her as she commits to her most vulnerable and revealing work to date. "Feel Better" exudes the type of open-ended compassion that we all wish we had access to in our darkest hours. As an emerging producer, she takes great care to nurture and elevate the texture of her warm and ethereal vocal tone. This fluid sonic landscape provides a perfect conduit for the emotional authenticity that is especially evident in her new work.

"Feel Better" is a study in the power of music to deliver instant healing as Devan leverages the sound of an acoustic piano and a natural groove to offer solace to those in need of empathy. We all have bad days. This gorgeous track is here to take the edge off for someone who just needs a friend.

For me, the last year has been a big reflective time and an opportunity to look inward, and to deal with some emotions in a way I hadn’t been doing. These songs came out of me digging up a lot of experiences from years ago, and I think writing these songs has been very healing and self-actualizing. — Devan

Raining in your head, you used to call it liquid sunshine
Stuck inside your shadow now that you don’t see the bright side
If we turned the tables round you’d tell me I’ll be alright
It’s just a matter of time
But I know you’ve been feeling like
You’ll never feel right

But I just wanna make you feel better
Even though I know that there’s nothing to say
You don’t have to hold it together
Ride it out beside you like we’re catching a wave

Music Video Credits

Director/Director of Photography - Kyle Laurin (@hiim_kyle)
Assistant - Sean Blomfield

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