Discotexas Cofounder Ready to Drop New Album. - Xinobi: La Tormenta feat. Meta_
posted 01 Mar 2022 by Krister Axel
Listen to a preview from Xinobi's "Balsame" — long-awaited follow up to "On The Quiet."

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Xinobi is a production pioneer who happens to be part of the generation that grew up with DIY ethics and a belief that dance music can be a platform for social consciousness. His sophomore release "On The Quiet" delivered a few runaway hits (like Searching For & Far Away Place), which now serve as the cornerstones for his impressive and broad-based catalog. Together with his friends Moullinex he gave birth to Discotexas, an electronic music label now based in Lisbon.

His latest single "La Tormenta" features the vocal talents of up and coming new artist Meta_ (aka Mariana Bragada) who delivers a performance that feels both rugged and ephemeral, elevating Xinobi's rhythmic signature with gorgeous tone and layers of husky, whispered confession. "La Tormenta" is previewed from upcoming album "Balsame," which is Xinobi's long-awaited follow up to "On The Quiet" and his first full-length studio release in 5 years.

"Balsame" is set to drop on April 8th, 2022.

"La Tormenta" is about the strength and power of women, who always end up emerging from the darkness. Whether it be in medieval times or more modern times, there are generations of women who always manage to get back on their feet after complicated times. A theme very apt for now. It gets this message across with spiritual and esoteric references like the moon, sacred fires and the tempest (giving name to the track) in which she (as a woman) is the survivor. — Xinobi

Xinobi has had a number of high profile collaborations in recent years, connecting with artists such as Gisela João, Luca Musto, Omri Guetta & Omer Tayar.

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