Explosive Electro Pop from Stockholm. - Discrete x Sistek: Typo (ft. Tudor, Voss)
posted 13 Jan 2020 by Krister Axel
The attraction featured in this explosive track is both dramatic and dangerous.

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Typo, the latest single from Swedish producer Discrete and Chilean electro-pop artist Sistek, finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute, while singer-songwriters Tudor and Voss trade verses. This ode to messy romance marks the first single to drop from Discrete's upcoming Explore EP.

The fusion between Sistek’s Chilean vibes, Tudor’s Welsh voice, and Discrete’s Nordic tones are a powerful testament to the modern global landscape of electronic music. With over 50M streams from his first 3 singles, Discrete kicks off the new year with some new fire. This unforgettable collaboration showcases a musical hook that was inspired at the end of a creative all-nighter. Sistek was invited to work with Discrete in his Stockholm studio, and says about the experience:

Maybe the all-nighter induced Tudor and me to dig into emotions that we might otherwise not have explored. When I brought the song to Sweden, Discrete and Victoria [Voss] sustained that momentum. We barely had time to think. We just rode our instincts all the way to the finish.

Typo is a complex breakdown of the forces in a relationship that keep us coming back for more, wherein easy choices make for dull reality. The attraction featured in this explosive track is both dramatic and dangerous.

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