Don't Cry (feat. Allen Stone) - The BGP
posted 16 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
Stick around until the end for the dueling falsettos and the gospel-flavored soul-party.

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The BGP have found a simple way to describe the sophisticated arrangements and harmonies that have come to define their sound: Yacht Rock Vibes. Joined by their friend and erstwhile tour-mate Allen Stone on their new track Don't Cry, the vibes are rocking and the band is ready to spread the love.

Frontman Brandon Ghorley built a brotherhood of local musicians and featured artists in the Seattle area, and a loyal PNW following has grown from his hometown of Puyallup through the band’s willingness to play anywhere from Boise to Portland, and beyond. After successfully funding a 2018 Kickstarter campaign, The BGP released 'HurtMeKissMe' - a melodic record of chilled-out dance beats that features new member-producer Phinisey, as well as the vocal talents of close friends Allen Stone and Clara C.

The mix of mid-tempo piano funk and optimistic effervescence is already worth the price of admission, so stick around until the end for the dueling falsettos and the gospel-flavored soul-party. The music video features the best Allen Stone impression ever, and might just melt your cold heart.

From the band:

We used to tour with Allen Stone, and he was kind enough to lend his vocal talents to the track.

This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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