Indie Pop and Hip Hop from Nashville. - Dylan Rockoff: Bad Haircut (Music Video)
posted 09 Nov 2019 by Krister Axel
Joins a light sense of humor with a serious groove, and presents a satisfying hook for a worthy cause.

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We remember Dylan Rockoff from his excellent duet with Caroline Kole earlier this year on You're the One That I Want. With latest single Bad Haircut, he joins elements of hip-hop with a soul-inspired melody, and a throwback vibe from High School.

On this track, we are confronted with the realization that our latest crush is not meant to be, and we find a funky redemption in the process of bouncing back from the disappointment. With a little bit of jazz trumpet, some synth-bass, and Dylan Rockoff's signature RnB vocal-flavor and hip hop breaks, this dynamic indie-pop burner is a worthy consolation prize for the missed love-connection. After all, Rockoff's mom said he looks handsome. Bad Haircut joins a light sense of humor with a serious groove, and presents a satisfying hook for a worthy cause: Rockoff donated 100% of the pre-order proceeds from his newly-released album, SEMICOLON & PARENTHESES, to the Locks of Love Foundation.

You're my yesterday
Thought you'll be my tomorrow

Dylan Rockoff is a Pop-Hop-Singer-Songwriter. Dreamt in Williamsport, PA. Made in Nashville, TN. This song is featured on our Soul playlist.

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