ford. - Warmth (feat. Sophie Meiers)
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posted 30 Nov 2018 by Krister Axel
A hot groove, with a modern twist and a sticky hook.

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It’s a wonderful mix of disparate elements - from the overdriven low-resolution piano patch, to the kick-heavy beat, to a delicate and ethereal lead vocal from Sophie Meiers. It’s always over too soon; there are a few distinct waves of buildup and swirling crescendo that culminate into the inevitable reset, and every time, you just want it right back.

There’s the slight tinge of exotic tonality from the steel drum, and a sense of in-your-face realism from that clean vocal delivery. It feels like a whisper, softly present; perfectly confident and arresting. It is as if, like Bjork, Meiers’ voice fits somewhere in the edges of the human spectrum of possibility; the sound is husky, and nuanced. But the best part is the way her wry and sparse lyricism resonates with the heavy backbeat.

Warmth, the new single from ford. is a hot groove, with a modern twist and a sticky hook.

Luc Bradford’s wealth of international experience has informed his diverse production palate as ford. He is based in Los Angeles. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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