Chicago Folk. - Frances Luke Accord: Call You Mine
posted 05 Apr 2019 by Krister Axel
A love-letter to life itself, and a recognition of the unique and linear magic that we call a relationship.

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In a visitation with the compelling power of acoustic guitar performance coupled with sweet melody, Frances Luke Accord builds a beautiful narrative with simple elements. Using a vocal affect and a guitar style that might remind you of Iron & Wine, this is a clear example of a poised kind of chamber-pop that features strings, a backbone of fingerpicking, and a quarter-note kick-drum throughout.

This is an exploration of that infinitely blossoming space between lovers, the meeting of vulnerability, opportunity, and openness. We are all of us actors in a cosmic one-time production, and this feels like a window into the everyday beauty that a lot of us miss.

Lift me up on a kindling throne; fill my cup by spilling your own

Call You Mine, the latest from Chicago’s Frances Luke Accord, is a love-letter to life itself, and a recognition of the unique and reciprocal magic that we call a relationship.

You will know by the song we shall sing

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