US Pop Duo Collaborates with UK Pop Phenom. - Great Good Fine Ok x Emily Burns: Could Be Us
posted 30 Mar 2021 by Krister Axel
An electronic confection that is sure to make you feel something.

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Brooklyn duo Great Good Fine Ok—the union of vocalist Jon Sandler and producer and multi-instrumentalist Luke Moellman—got their start in 2013 with debut "You’re The One For Me," a viral and critical hit that paved the way for the success of their subsequent EP releases the next year (Body Diamond and 2M2H).

Since then Great Good Fine Ok has gone on to develop a signature sound in the crowded genre of electronic pop, with a string of successful singles and remix projects. Their latest single "Could Be Us" finds them joining forces with pop phenom Emily Burns, while Great Good Fine Ok explores a more organic instrumentation and a touch of sentimentality, as compared to their previous offerings. Combining an infectious party-pop vibe with themes of wistful romance, we learn that hard work goes hand-in-hand with the relationships that are most likely to flourish. Equal parts ear-candy and giddy love, "Could Be Us" delivers an electronic confection that is sure to make you feel something. With Luke playing the part of the sonic alchemist, and Jon the emotional lyricist, Great Good Fine Ok combines a space-age, laser glow with the familiar and vulnerable language of an open heart. The lead vocal tradeoff between Sandler and Burns creates a beautiful sense of dynamic contrast, and elevates the chorus into something truly exceptional.

Remember that couple we saw in the park
You asked me if we could make it that far
I didn't say it, but I felt in my heart, that could be us
Remember that feeling we had from the start
Back when love was nothing more than a thought
I want that one thing that won't ever fall apart, it could be us

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