Cinematic Electronic Instrumental from France. - HAELIUM: Playgrounds (Music Video)
posted 10 May 2020 by Krister Axel
Let us never be so broken that we do not appreciate the rich promise of the unknown.

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HAELIUM is a producer from France who creates bold electronica with a mix of cinematic textures, ethereal atmospheres, and punchy beats. He takes his inspiration from labels such as Warp, Brainfeeder, and Erased Tapes, and delivers a dreamy combination of opposing textures: at once both deeply melancholic and infused with a childlike optimism, the music of HAELIUM is full of rhythm and emotion.

The video for "Playgrounds" is entirely filmed from the point of view of a child, as we viscerally experience a typical day-in-the-life of this young girl. Bicycles, sunshine, slides, and a little brother - we explore the mundane symbolism of childhood, and reap a voyeuristic appreciation for the details of a young life that create a sense of comfort, and the feeling of home. Presented as a series of disconnected memories, "Playgrounds" touches on a simple truth of existence - which is that for children, everything is new. As we grow into adulthood, we are wise to remember the refreshing emancipation of unanticipated experience. Let us never be so broken that we do not appreciate the rich promise of the unknown.

HAELIUM's first EP "Recovery" will be out June 18th. This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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