Listen to This Dreamy Lo-Fi Jam from Montreal. - Hansom Ēli: Summer Rise (Music Video)
posted 31 Jul 2020 by Krister Axel
Sophisticated yet uncomplicated, unique yet approachable, and unapologetically bilingual.

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We've covered Hansom Ēli before. Their latest feel-good jam was created in collaboration with friend and Vancouver producer Mikey J Blige. "Summer Rise" combines lyrics in French and English with a laid-back groove that is both intimate and joyful.

Sit back and let this cross-genre brew transport you to the heart of Montreal with elements of lo-fi hip hop, indie pop, and RnB, all rolled into a dreamy summer groove. When siblings Camille and Alexy Guérer decided to start making music together, Hansom Ēli was born, and Montreal quickly embraced their sound as its own: sophisticated yet uncomplicated, unique yet approachable, and unapologetically bilingual. On aime ça.

With continued support from gatekeepers like FACTOR, Canadian Music Week, and the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television, Hansom Ēli has a sound you didn't know you were missing. Their blend of musical styles is both effortless and totally distinctive. Hansom Ēli wants you to enjoy the rest of your summer, and has a hit song to prove it.

Blinded by the sunshine
Water up to my eyes
About time for the summer rise
You know I know it’s good
Blinded by the sunshine
That’s why I’m not on time
Oh how the summer flies
Feels so good

This song is featured on our Hip Hop playlist and episode 2 of The Weekly Catch.

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