Fresh Indie Pop from Melbourne. - Harrison Storm: Falling Down
posted 29 Sep 2019 by Krister Axel
Assembles a visual metaphor for the loss of control to which we all must yield in matters of the heart.

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Over the past few years, Harrison Storm has refined his complicated sense of musicality, merging a classically-inspired style of fingerpicking with a soulful vocal delivery that leverages elements of alternative, folk, and even blues, to achieve a singular aesthetic. From busking the streets of Melbourne straight to signing a deal with Terry McBride and Nettwerk Records in a few short years, the unique story of his rise to fame benefits from equal parts humility, raw talent, and the ability to write catchy songs that carry a resonant and emotional purity.

The title-track from his latest EP Falling Down is out now via Nettwerk, and a music video was just released for it. The new EP feels like the culmination of Harrison's entire young career to date, as he begins to access a newfound confidence from long hours in recent years on the road with folkish luminaries like The Head and the Heart, SYML, and Ziggy Alberts. Harrison has spent his life traveling to numerous parts of Australia in a wagon with his friends, spending time camping and surfing. His lifestyle epitomizes the freedom of outdoor living, and informs the broad perspective of his writing. The music video for Falling Down assembles a visual metaphor for the loss of control to which we all must yield in matters of the heart, and shines a spotlight on the tragic mystery of how things can go so wrong, so quickly.

This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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