Courageous Folk Pop from Australia. - Hollow Coves: Borderlines
posted 05 Oct 2019 by Krister Axel
All that is necessary is the courage to step forward, into the mystery of a road less traveled by.

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We have covered the music of Hollow Coves, extensively. Their brand of acoustic-forward indie folk creates an elegant beauty from a few chords, effortless harmony, and a purity of spirit. Hollow Coves, the Brisbane duo of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins, strengthens a powerful two-way dialogue with listeners worldwide on their full-length debut, Moments (out soon via Nettwerk).

The sound of their early work was quickly compared to Simon & Garfunkel, and Ben Howard, among others, while now the duo continues to solidify a deep aesthetic that combines positive messaging, understated vocals, and the ability to bring a bit of peace into people's lives. In 2018, Hollow Coves retreated to the countryside of Devon to record alongside producer Chris Bond. Moments is the product of an undeniable creative chemistry between producer and songwriters, where Bond encouraged the band to open up the recording process to a more live, performance-oriented feel. The result is an authentic musical space, both hand-crafted and tuneful, that challenges the listener to access the warmth and solitude of true personal freedom in the realization that every moment of life is a chance to strive towards something magical. The takeaway from Borderlines is simply that we already have everything we need; all that is necessary is the courage to step forward, into the mystery of a road less traveled by.

The Brisbane duo of Ryan Henderson and Matt Carins drops their first full-length with Nettwerk. this song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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