New Zealand Folk. - Jamie McDell: Extraordinary Girl
posted 30 Jun 2019 by Krister Axel
The love we have for ourselves should always be non-negotiable.

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With her sweet and plaintive voice, strumming an acoustic guitar, Jamie McDell sings about accepting herself. Sometimes the best we can do is to learn from our mistakes, and remember that the heart is always pure.

Because that’s what love is: letting someone in - giving them access, and being vulnerable. The ones that get to stay will always know how precious a gift that truly is.

You're hotter than the sun
but he will treat you like you're colder than the rain

After signing with EMI as a youngster, McDell won the NZ Music Award Best Pop Album of 2013 with her debut Six String and a Sailboat, and followed up with Ask Me Anything a few years later. Extraordinary Girl came together between Auckland, New Zealand and Nashville, Tennessee with award-winning producer Nash Chambers, on a record which features a hearty cast of country music legends including Kasey Chambers, Bill Chambers and Tami Neilson.

It is the raw honesty of the vocal performance that will floor you - McDell has had enough time to love, and be hurt; enough time to know the difference between the glitter and the gold. In her sweet-but-tough lead vocal you can hear the confidence, the pain, and the acceptance that only hard-living can bring.

You're more than just a pretty face
But all he keeps on holding is your hips

Extraordinary Girl, the latest from Jamie McDell, is the realization that the love we have for ourselves should always be non-negotiable.

Jamie McDell is a young and prolific singer-songwriter from New Zealand. This song is featured on our Country playlist.

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