LoFi Indie Rock from California. - Listen to Joe Kaplow: Little Sleep
posted 28 Jan 2021 by Krister Axel
Hits that sweet spot between honest, heartfelt songwriting and a solid production aesthetic.

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California-based songwriter Joe Kaplow returns with a new single, entitled "Little Sleep." After studying music in college, he busked the hallowed streets of Boston, and finally found his vibe making lo-fi, folk-based indie rock on the West Coast as an outlet for his inner philosopher. Creativity was never a problem for Joe, in his 20 years of making original music on-and-off the road in middle America.

"Little Sleep" is about the femme fatale: a person who is truly free, more free than you. You love them for that, and it makes your time together spontaneous and exciting, but you know they will never settle down and never fully give commit to the type of relationship you've built your story around. — Joe Kaplow

Joe makes sense of it all with humor and a critical eye, using music as his "currency for life." Whatever happens, Joe has found what he loves best - asking questions with no need for an answer. The journey is the destination.

"Little Sleep" conjures up images of a desert highway - a lonely road full of gritty, overdriven slide guitar, live drums, and a choppy strum on the acoustic. His voice is mixed a bit low, so you really have to listen - or just lean back and lose yourself in the groove. For Joe and almost every other indie musician, the new challenge is promoting an album release without touring. But Joe Kaplow will figure it out, just like he figured out figure-8 mic placement or how to use index pages on Squarespace. He'll keep figuring things out because that's how you keep going.

Perfect for fans of Kurt Vile, Kaplow's music hits that sweet spot between honest, heartfelt songwriting and a solid production aesthetic. With Mike Coykendall behind the console, the upcoming release of "Sending Money and Stems" promises to be his best yet.

And I’m looking at a little sleep
Just looking at a little sleep
I’m gaining ground while I’m losing light
Looking at a little sleep tonight, all right
Okie, won’t you stay
Won’t you love me, love me all the way

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