Brooklyn Americana. - Josh Steinhart: Picture on the Wall
posted 24 May 2019 by Krister Axel
Even when we forget, we have the artifacts to remind us.

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Vibrant energy from the piano track couples with a southern style from the lap-steel to deliver an immediate blast of alt-country roots. With the melodic pop-flavor of The Wallflowers, along with the beat-forward aesthetic of a band like Wilco, Josh Steinhart crafts a wistful reminiscence of the years gone by, seasoned with the salts of life and love.

As we proceed, sharing memories with one another is a true gift; without the ability to create private mythology through the magic of love and friendship, so many details would be lost to the ages.

We had some good times, didn’t we?

Because no one can take those moments away, they live forever - even when we forget, we have the artifacts to remind us. Josh Steinhart, with his latest release Picture on the Wall, pulls a lesson from the chaos of life, and gives thanks for the memories that serve as the glue that binds us.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Josh Steinhart is a singer-songwriter who takes inspiration from bands such as Dawes, The Band, and the Jayhawks, and artists like Gillian Welch and Josh Ritter. He taught high school music in the New York City public school system for 14 years until he relocated to Detroit, Michigan in 2018 and released his first album, Howlin' at the Moon. This song is featured on our Country playlist.

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