Acoustic Indie Pop from Long Island. - Josh Tobias: Like Yourself
posted 31 Oct 2019 by Krister Axel
A song about fighting with your lover and your inner demons at the same time.

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Hailing from Long Island (NY), Josh Tobias began his career learning guitar from his father Toby Tobias, a world-traveling professional musician. While living in Brooklyn through his early 20s, Josh balanced his time as a musician and as a social worker, making the music schedule for a home that housed mentally-handicapped people.

Like Yourself is about his struggles with self-esteem and self-love, a theme that will resonate with an entire Instagram generation that struggles to match reality with their expectations of what a life is supposed to look like. The crisp, modern production blends well with the introspective subject matter, and resonates as a song that people can sing-along with now, but also think about later. Like Yourself, the latest from Josh Tobias, is a song about fighting with your lover and your inner demons at the same time.

In 2015 Josh launched onto the indie scene with single 'Beachside Lover,' a funk-infused retro RnB record that has accumulated millions of total plays.

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