Bedroom Pop from New York. - Introducing juno roome: just like before
posted 24 Apr 2022 by Krister Axel
Delivers a fitting homage to the long trajectory of love.

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Juno Roome is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who moved to the US when he was 10—so his Korean got a bit fuzzy over the years. "just like before" was written as a way of reconnecting with his history and culture, and explores the emotional space of missing a relationship that ended badly. There is always a temptation to revisit those memories of intimacy; here, Juno mixes that sense of fondness with hints of bittersweet sadness.

Drawing from elements of bedroom pop, Juno assembles a sweeping soundscape with equal parts easy groove and husky whisper. "just like before" delivers a fitting homage to the long trajectory of love with a slick production veneer, layers of ethereal vocal, washed-out jazz guitar, and a gorgeous arrangement for horns.

Keep an eye out for a music video to accompany this song by filmmaker Chiara Kung which will be released soon.

그대 항상 짓던 눈물
나도 지금 흘려
상처 얻은 마음
그대 흔적 느껴 지네요


Trombone by Kalia Vandever
Mastered by Joe LaPorta
All else by Juno Roome

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