Inspirational Hip Hop from Birmingham. - JusBadd: Above It All (Music Video)
posted 01 Jun 2020 by Krister Axel
An inspirational banger with a vintage feel and a welcome message of hope.

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Charles "JusBadd" Givens III is a rapper and producer from Birmingham, AL. Born to a teenage mother who later became a nurse, and a 20-year-old father who later became a corpsman in the United States Navy, his birth came 2 months prematurely, which caused some complications. At the age of 2 JusBadd was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which would affect his legs and ability to walk normally.

Charles was introduced to rap at an early age, and began working on rhymes in the second grade. After his parents separated, and then divorced, he was lucky to connect with a guidance counselor who allowed him to record his first album in her office after finding out he had been writing raps in class. After graduating from high school, JusBadd enrolled in a local community college and continued to pursue a career in music. He has competed in several online rap contest and received honorable mentions from Jee-Juh, Funk Volume and others. "Above It All" is an inspirational banger with a vintage feel and a welcome message of hope. Now, more than ever, we need to feel that power of possibility: if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

I be preaching like a I’m speaking from the pulpit
And my releases might have failed to hit the chart
But the words I put in front of beats are coming from the heart
And every time I speak it’s like a spark in the dark

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