McKinney Performer Writes About Obsession with The Office (TV). - KellyMarie: Timing Right
posted 21 Feb 2022 by Krister Axel
Combines a lively mix of keyboard hooks, choppy guitar, and organic drums with layers of laid-back, buttery vocals.

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Indie-pop singer-songwriter KellyMarie is excited to share the follow up to 2018 debut EP "On A Whim" with her newest single "Timing Right." This is a preview of her upcoming full length release—due in March—which was inspired by her beloved television obsession, The Office. KellyMarie is a seasoned performer based in McKinney, Texas, and she uses the signature confluence of humor, job-related hijinks, and awkward romance of the widely popular TV show as a backdrop for her angelic vocals and breezy melodies.

Although she is sometimes compared to Of Monsters and Men lead singer, Nanna Hilmarsdottir, KellyMarie cites a wide range of influences that includes Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Jaffe, and throwback rock legends like The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beach Boys. "Timing Right" combines a lively mix of keyboard hooks, choppy guitar, and organic drums with layers of laid-back, buttery vocals for a classic playback of 'the one that got away.' So often in love, timing is everything. KellyMarie makes the case for taking a risk when you have the chance—it just might be your only shot.

We were swaying in the shadows
You risked it all and you pulled me close
Oh how I wish I hadn't choked that cold night
We couldn't get the timing right

It’s often said - write about what you know and love, so during the lockdown, I did just this. — KellyMarie

KellyMarie first stepped onto the scene with her debut EP "On A Whim" (2018).

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