LA Indie Pop. - Kid Bloom: Does It Make Me Wrong?
posted 12 Apr 2019 by Krister Axel
Can we start with the fun part, and skip the incriminations?

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In this age of the resurgence of vinyl, and the old-hat nature of genre-crossover, it is natural that we end up with a sound like Kid Bloom’s, which matches a universal guitar-fuzz with large brush-strokes from the New Wave palette. A subtle dream-pop sensibility informs this hook-laden mid-tempo bounce, and the vocal is at turns both pure, and purely distressed.

A classic style of set-up for the chorus is what rings that bell of cosmic empathy: a shuffled break-down, ascending triplets, and the change hits you like like a blast of cold water. The pulse finds a way through, and eventually the chug of that dirty guitar and the call-and-response of the lead lead vocal pulls you under that blanket of warm reverb.

I’ve thought it through this time
All you had to do is lie

Does It Make Me Wrong?, the latest from Kid Bloom, gets right to the point: can we start with the fun part, and skip the incriminations?

Lennon Kloser is better known as LA indie pop outfit Kid Bloom. He says on this track: it “is about the feeling when you are made to believe you did something wrong, when in your heart, you know you didn’t. It’s actually very interesting the power people can hold over each other.”

This song is featured on our CHILL New Songwriters playlist.

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