More Big Hooks from Philly. - KID TRAVIS: ALL I NEED
posted 10 Oct 2022 by Krister Axel
Another single that combines the best elements of soul, R&B, and electronic pop.

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Kid Travis is back with another single that combines the best elements of soul, R&B, and electronic pop. His music is no stranger to this channel, we've covered it many times in the past. I am always impressed by his ability to maneuver between styles. With a vocal sound that is as unique as it is melodic, he always finds a way to deliver a gripping sense of groove and dynamic crescendo.

His latest single "ALL I NEED" is no exception, as it pulls you in immediately with that subtle sense of swing and rhythmic breakdown. Positioned as a classic homage to that sexy someone in your life, this sizzling, 3-minute banger pairs a sticky riff on the electric guitar with some funky beats and a bubbling baseline. Watch out for the big hooks at the end.

Let's watch the sunrise all night
No you can't change my mind
Just like the moonlight
Your eyes light up the sky
We gone be alright
Long as you stay by my side

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