Announcing Latest Full Length Release Sunset Avenue. - Kid Travis: Nothing To Do (Deja Vu)
posted 17 Jul 2022 by Krister Axel
A satisfying testament to the power of music for making dreams come true.

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We've written about Kid Travis many times before. His music consistently delivers engaging and eclectic vibes ranging from trap, to soul, funk, and hip-hop. His distinct and pop-friendly vocals often leverage a balanced, tasty autotune against simmering grooves and upbeat lyrics. As part of his latest full-length release "Sunset Avenue," we've had the privilege to sample a number of new singles from the album.

Kid Travis' talent for wide ranging and eclectic production chops cannot be overstated—his sound is always fresh and just a little bit surprising. No exception to this rule, "Nothing To Do (Deja Vu)" offers a bouncy and hopeful exploration of the delicious uncertainty provided by a sudden romantic spark, as Kid Travis deftly navigates both a funky beat and the fluttery nuance of enamorment. "Nothing To Do (Deja Vu)" is a satisfying testament to the power of music for making dreams come true.

have I been wasting all this time?
I'd like you close if you don't mind
I'm tired of playing, I'm sick of lies
We've got space and time
What I got to do to make you mine?
Let me ease your mind
I'd rather say hello than say goodbye

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