Bonobo Meets Jean-Michel Jarre. - Listen to Kip LaVie: Time Enough
posted 29 Mar 2019 by Krister Axel
A deep backbone of trip-hop and some electro-pop flavor.

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With an intro from the hammer dulcimer, it is a bit hard to see where this song is headed, at first. It’s an interesting mix of cinematic elements like string pads, and glockenspiel, along with a deep backbone of trip-hop and some electro-pop flavor.

An interlude that might remind you of the theme to HBO series-classic Rome does a fine job of breaking up the space. What we are left with is a track that might be described as Bonobo meets Jean-Michel Jarre, bringing together complex sequencing patterns with a soothing sense of rhythmic flow.

Time Enough, from Portland native Kip LaVie, is an introspective few minutes of bubbly synth melody-making spread over a foundation of smooth downtempo.

Kip LaVie's music plays with opposites: tension and release, feminine and masculine, earnestness and humor. This song is featured on our trip-hop instrumental playlist.

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