CHILLFILTR Founder Drops Indie Folk EP For Fans of Jackson Browne. - Krister Axel: Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake
posted 24 Apr 2020 by Krister Axel
A distinctive style of warm & melodic vocal delivery couples with a lifelong commitment towards concise and colorful metaphor.

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With the help of Eugene-based producer Tyler Fortier and mastering engineer Thaddeus Moore of Liquid Mastering, Krister Axel follows up on last year's single Weightless Heart with a nod to Jackson Browne. "Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake" is an EP that brings together elements of lap steel, acoustic guitar, live drums, and a subtle performance on piano, to support the gritty baritone croon that has become Axel's sonic calling card.

The title track to "Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake" was written after Krister moved to Oregon with his family, just a few years ago. It explores the endless cycles of imagination and restlessness that often come hand-in-hand with important life decisions, and the elusive comfort of personal conviction. We find solace in the warm glow of romantic connection, and a mutual commitment towards emotional support that enshrines the sacred vows of marriage.

Good days come and good days go
Leaves will fall and grass will grow
The river is low the mountain is tall
I’ll be there to catch your fall

The next track on this 3-song EP is a broad discussion with regard to the temptations of simple attraction, and how, much like junk food, an easy love is typically not a healthy one. When we choose to embrace "Pretty Lies," we willingly give away our powers of good conscience, and agree to a sense of temporary blindness that is often very destructive. Yet, we all tolerate disappointment differently, and for some, the pleasure is worth the pain.

With a combination of bowed bass and violin, Pretty Lies creates an inviting atmosphere of folk-driven chamber pop, with a truly mesmerizing harmonic progression that hides the complexity of the chord patterns behind a stunning combination of authentic lyricism and intimate vocal performance. This emotional combination of regret and wistful recollection draws a parallel to difficult relationships the world over - anyone who has chosen opportunistic, romantic excitement over emotional safety will find something of themselves here.

I knew you were coming
You never could leave bad enough alone
Never had the good sense to stay home
But you look too good to leave out in the cold

Pretty Lies

"Yellow Moon" was written after the death of Axel's father, featuring a stripped-down and emotional performance on acoustic piano, accompanied by a single vocal track. It explores the spiritual isolation of losing a beloved family member, and the search for resiliency in a moment of personal tragedy.

The sky is clear now
The clouds are gone
The air is cold and I just put your sweater on
I still miss you
Every day
I'm looking for the strength
To find another way

Yellow Moon

This EP represents the best of what Krister Axel can offer to the landscape of roots-heavy Indie Folk and organic, lyrical chamber pop. His distinctive style of warm, melodic vocal delivery couples with a lifelong commitment towards concise and colorful metaphor to yield a sonic masterpiece that conjures images of Anderson East, Hollow Coves, and Didirri, right next to the original production reference which was Jackson Browne.

"Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake" will launch on streaming services on May 14.

These songs are also available as instrumental and karaoke mixes. Contact VisionWorks Music for licensing.

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"Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake" and "Pretty Lies" were produced by Tyler Fortier. "Yellow Moon" was produced by Krister Axel. All songs were mastered by Thaddeus Moore. The string arrangement for "Pretty Lies" was written by Sean McCoy.


Last Night I Dreamed I Was Awake

Krister Axel - vocals, piano
Tyler Fortier - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, keyboards
Erin Fortier - vocals
Jeramy Burchett - drums
Philippe Bronchtein - steel guitar and organ
Ehren Ebbage - electric bass

Pretty Lies

Krister Axel - vocals, piano
Tyler Fortier - acoustic guitar, keyboards, tambourine
Erin Fortier - vocals
Jeramy Burchett - drums
Milo Fultz - double bass
Greg Nestler - electric guitar
Erik Berg-Johansen - violin

Yellow Moon

Krister Axel - vocals, piano

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