Nettwerk Signs Indie Pop Phenom from Minneapolis. - Introducing Landon Conrath: Static
posted 27 Dec 2021 by Krister Axel
Sometimes all we can do is acknowledge that we are somewhere near the bottom—but maybe not there yet.

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Landon Conrath got started in music as a drummer for indie bands around Minneapolis. It wasn’t until he opened up to a friend at a pool party with a new composition that he was encouraged to develop his unique sound as songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Since making a debut in 2020 Landon Conrath's engaging and impeccable indie-pop has become a viral sensation on Spotify landing on influential playlists virtually overnight.

Latest single "Static" combines an infectious guitar hook with an upbeat vibe and a music video about the endless possibilities of new love and the suffocating void that can so quickly replace it. As Landon mixes elements of bedroom pop, rock, and indie pop he strikes a chord that is perfect for fans of The 1975. "Static" provides an unlikely anthem for anyone that is forced to provide their own emotional support. Sometimes all we can do is acknowledge that we are somewhere near the bottom—but maybe not there yet.

I been spending my weekends in bowling shoes
Trying hard to forget that I'm not with you
And baby, I can't the break the habit
You know I have to have it
Love with you was automatic
I'd like to think that
Maybe we could make it happen
Don't tell me I'm dramatic
Movie by myself and it sucks

I never wanted to make anything that was based on a trend. It's exciting to have the freedom to really choose who I want to be and what I want to say. My goal is to make music that people can connect with. — Landon Conrath

Landon graduated college amid the pandemic, found a new relationship, and signed a record deal with Nettwerk. Through it all, he’s found a way to stay true to himself.

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