EDM Powerhouse Laura Brehm Releases "The Dawn Is Still Dark" on Antifragile Music
posted 21 Oct 2021 by Krister Axel
Laura crafts delicate and powerful pop ballads, intertwining electronic and orchestral threads with a positive and uplifting spirituality.

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"The Dawn Is Still Dark," the title track from Laura Brehm's brand new full length album, was written as a way to raise an alarm about the ongoing climate crisis. The official video was directed by Chris Orwat of Pure Cinematography and filmed in rural northern Colorado. Laura begins alone in the world, drifting through solitude and disconnection while seeing flashes of environmental crises and protests. As the song progresses an emotional intensity builds and a new incarnation of Laura appears: one that brings hope and light and a vision of something better. "The Dawn Is Still Dark" makes a statement about the kind of future we still have time to create for ourselves if we work together in unity and love.

As one of the most highly sought-after vocalists in the world of EDM, Laura has built her career song by song with a combination of accessible lyrics, raw emotion, and smart collaborations with other cutting-edge electronic artists like Feint, TheFatRat, and Varien. Her vocal presence is immediately recognizable and offers an alluring sense of vulnerability infused with a mysterious undercurrent of smoldering power. Laura crafts delicate and powerful pop ballads, intertwining electronic and orchestral threads with a positive and uplifting spirituality.

By openly working through her personal battles with anxiety, insomnia, and unhealthy relationships, Laura hopes to give her listeners a blueprint for their own journey through that personal darkness. "The Dawn Is Still Dark" was written to leave fans of Laura's music with feelings of strength, inspiration, and renewal by the time they’ve listened through.

I awakened
Expecting the sun to have risen
I'm mistaken
The dawn is still dark
Though I'd given my heart
Over and over again
It's still dark here
When I thought I'd find love
I'm still on my own here
When I thought I'd find love

My new album is a play on the phrase we’ve all heard, 'it’s darkest before the dawn.' The title puts a twist on this by conveying it’s still dark outside when you expected the sunrise. It’s generally about times in our lives where we feel that we have waited so long, we have done all we can, we are at the end of our strength, and when we think we’ll finally be arriving at the end of the tunnel, more darkness awaits. However, with the strength you have gained through the process, you are able to ascend through the darkness. — Laura

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