Baltimore Polymath Prepares for Enticing Debut. - Lawrence Connor: Love Affair
posted 26 Dec 2022 by Krister Axel
Breathing fresh life and vibrancy into his genre-bending experimentations with melody, texture, and groove.

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Lawrence Connor is a songwriter, producer, and singer from Baltimore, Maryland, with a diverse interest in music and a talent for conveying raw emotion through his body of work. His music combines elements of Indietronica and Bedroom Pop, with his latest track "Love Affair" layering a vocal hook on repeat against a backdrop of enticing rhythms, dreamy soundscapes, and atmospheric guitar—meant to represent the seemingly endless train of thoughts and questions that come from making the cardinal decision of whether or not to stay in a relationship.

Lawrence is preparing to release debut album "Do You Ever Dream of Then?" as he explores the unique characteristics of his experience in music production having developing an early interest in songwriting and performing while moonlighting as a wedding singer in the Baltimore area. Ready to go wherever inspiration takes him, Connor is set to explore the aftermath of a failed relationship and the process of finding new love, while breathing fresh life and vibrancy into his genre-bending experimentations with melody, texture, and groove.

‘Love Affair’ was written on a piano and reflects the push and pull of a relationship, the regret, the questioning, and the struggle to move on through uncertainty. I wanted to use the repetition of the lyrics to represent the inability to turn your mind off when it’s stuck on repeat, like a broken record, wondering if you’ve made the right choice. — Lawrence Connor

With a passion for creativity and disrupting the status quo, Lawrence is also a serial entrepreneur working to make a positive impact on the world. His most recent project combines his two passions – "The Archive" ( is an artist-owned music video platform built to help artists gain more exposure and better monetize their videos.

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