Linden Row - Surfer
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posted 03 Jan 2019 by Krister Axel
It’s important to occasionally find refuge in a good wave.

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This fun-loving indie-rock band joins their animated surf-punk sound with an extended metaphor about life. A series of waves, the ups and the downs, overcoming adversity - these are all themes that occur as natural adjuncts to the lyrical sense at work here.

In the way that the subject matter is broad, and fuzzy, like a good horoscope, this could be anybody. America, this is us:

I got a house
but I pay too much rent
I got a car
now it’s got a big dent

While the the fires burn, and the machine grinds on, every day can be a struggle; it’s important to occasionally find refuge in a good wave.

Linden Row is a 4-piece band from the Bay Area. This song is featured on our Hi Energy playlist.

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