Luke Beling x Joseph Pennell - The Light Is Coming
posted 13 Feb 2023 by Krister Axel
A soothing reminder that life is lived best in harmony with the past, the present, and the future.

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We have written about Luke Beling before (here and here). He is a child of South Africa's Sunshine Coast, now living happily on the big island of Hawaii. His music delivers a thoughtful blend of pop-friendly acoustic folk and luscious production work, balanced against a simmering brew of spirituality and percipience. For his latest single 'The Light Is Coming,' Luke has teamed up with Joseph Pennell for a soothing reminder that life is lived best in harmony with the past, the present, and the future. If we learn little else as children, it should yet remain that tomorrow—somehow—is always beautiful. Once we lose that, we've lost something irretrievable.

This song feels like a celebration of the kind of person who refuses to give up on the nobility of existence; and who does their part every day, however small, to demonstrate that there is always hope for those who truly seek it. Just as Luke and Joe became good friends through the course of creating this song together, with it, they hope to highlight the beauty of collaboration. If there is a single message from this song, may it be simply that no one need ever be alone. As humans we are meant to be there for each other. Let us never lose sight of that fact.

That painting in your room
The sleeping gypsy
The lion so deadly 'neath the twilight moon
She's your silent prophet you hung with nails
Behind the veil resting right in the promise

We're all the same just waiting for the morning
People losing faith and wondering why we're born in
This groaning night that beats with heartless drumming
Just close your eyes 'cause oh the light is coming
The light is coming

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