California Web3 Music Pioneer Explores Her Own Dreams. - Lyrah: In the Leaves
posted 24 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
When Lyrah finally becomes the next international Electro Pop sensation, what will be left to fuel her gloom?

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Like so many of her generation, Lyrah lives at the intersection of melancholy and wild abandon. At once both brooding and fresh, her art embraces the dichotomy of modern existence with equal parts fluid electronic groove and a choleric poeticism that recalls the manic masterwork of Sylvia Plath. Yet, Lyrah always finds a way to leave her listeners with a hint of sweetness, due in no small part to her charming vocal presence. In the years since we began writing about her (starting in 2019), she has continued to impress with a magical and confident musical personality that has grown far beyond the early comparisons to Maggie Rogers, to now own a very unique and enviable space as California's newest "dark pop future legend."

Latest single "In the Leaves" finds Lyrah exploring the world of her own dreams, as she eschews a 'safe' job working for Meta to pursue her music full-time. If the growth that her fanbase has seen over the last few years is any indication, it seems fair to say that her future is bright—although that does beg the question: when Lyrah finally becomes the next international Electro Pop sensation, what will be left to fuel her gloom?

We will soon find out. For the record, my money is on her finding a way to continue being awesome. "In the Leaves" is Lyrah at her best: killing us softly with her gorgeous voice while hitting us with deep, uptempo beats and a vibrant landscape of swirling melodic hooks.

I wrote this song about a dream I had before I decided to quit my stable, full-time job. In the dream, I kept waking up outside. On the sidewalk in San Francisco. In the leaves by a country road. I kept choosing that over my bed, and it felt surprisingly calm when I’d wake up outside of my home. Soon after, I had a session with Benji of Slenderbodies and we talked about this dream and how it seemed to mirror my life circumstances. I could choose to stay in the comfort of a full-time job…or leave and be happier and more satisfied with less. — Lyrah

Currently, LYRAH can be heard on the Holiday87’s (of The Knocks) latest release, “Omen,” which has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Dance Friday, Crying on the Dance Floor, New Dance Beats, and Metropolis; Apple Music’s Breaking Dance and New in Dance; and Amazon’s Electronic Feels and Fresh Electronic.

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