Gorgeous Alt Folk from Switzerland. - Mary Middlefield: Band Aid
posted 19 Nov 2022 by Krister Axel
A wistful exploration of what could have been, and what is left after.

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I don't have a lot of info about this folk and pop artist named Mary Middlefield. I know that she is just releasing a new single called "Band Aid," and that she completed a stunning music video to accompany it. I know that she reached out to team of talented individuals to work with her, and that she's (rightly so) very proud of her accomplishments. And finally, I know that she is a Leo, because she posted that on her Instagram profile; and for a second there, I thought maybe that she was a police officer with a musical hobby, until I saw that she was from Switzerland. I don't think they use the acronym L.E.O. over there.

Anyway, I like this track because it starts out with a simple acoustic folk profile, and expands into a dreamy sort of bedroom Pop aesthetic, with a powerful melody and some nice hooks that remind me a bit of Soccer Mommy. I am always a fan of unexpected dynamics, and the lyrics here tell the story of an artist who is bravely exploring her inner universe with both honesty and tenderness. Art is nothing if not an attempt to make sense of the world, and the universal touch-point here is that of picking up the pieces in the aftermath of a difficult love. We've all been there. A gorgeous performance on cello from Anna Anton-Borkenhagen rounds out this wistful exploration of what could have been, and what is left after.

The question I would like to ask
I would like to ask
Is what were we?

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