Inviting Folk Pop from Nashville. - Max Helgemo: Uncovered
posted 11 Oct 2022 by Krister Axel
A tonic bridge between hope and reality, with a warm vocal performance that combines an easy falsetto with hints of Americana and indie pop.

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UPDATE: it was more than two years ago that I first heard this song from Nashville's Max Helgemo. As you will read below, I enjoyed it immediately and was happy to write some coverage. What I didn't know then was that years later he would revisit the song with a fresh new production aesthetic, replacing what was a roots-driven mix with some very welcome electro pop flourishes. It is the mark of a great song that its memory stays with you, and on hearing this submission recently, I was convinced it was a cover of some forgotten classic from someone like John Lennon. As much as I enjoyed the original version, I have to say I like the new one twice as much. It is a wonderful triumph in showcasing his triple talent as writer, producer, and vocalist.

Nashville-based contemporary folk artist Max Helgemo releases an inspired and empowering single. "Uncovered" was written to announce Helgemo's arrival in a new city, and embraces an experience of discovery and fearlessness in the face of sudden change.

Helgemo began his career in music as a musician-in-residence for hospitals, playing songs for patients. "Uncovered" extends a warm sense of intimacy and narrative detail, rooted in that history - as we explore an inviting fantasy of true love, serendipity, and spiritual synergy. Helgemo began touring last year, and soon found himself collaborating with artists such as The Hails, Corey Kilgannon, and Cicada Rhythm, which allowed him to continue his development as a new artist, and quickly find his groove as a performer. Helgemo's style of songwriting is deeply experiential - with themes that often revolve around personal growth, these songs are meant as a tonic bridge between hope and reality, as his warm vocal performance combines an easy falsetto with hints of Americana and indie pop.

Drawing comparisons to Father John Misty and Gregory Alan Isakov, Helgemo continues to surprise fans with new singles and the promise of a debut album in the near future.

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