Indie Songwriter from Anchorage Records New Single in Brooklyn. - Medium Build: ALONE IN MY CAR
posted 07 Aug 2022 by Krister Axel
Examining the rollercoaster of emotional being through the lens of retro-kissed bedroom pop.

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It's been two years now since the last time we wrote about Medium Build (aka Nick Carpenter). He is a songwriter and multi instrumentalist based in Anchorage, Alaska, who just has one of those voices that gets right into your head. Above all, he is a storyteller: creating art from the circumstances of his life, and weaving in the kind of personal detail that elevates a simple narrative into an artistic reconstruction of the human condition. Thriving at that tenuous intersection of indie rock and electronic pop, the music of Medium Build combines intricate sonic textures with an intimate and poignant sense of reflection.

"ALONE IN MY CAR" was written early 2021 when Nick was starting a new relationship and wondering how to be a decent human after being alone for a whole year. After a few different attempts at bringing this song to life in the recording studio, he finally found success with Laiko at Shifted in Brooklyn. "ALONE IN MY CAR" hits disparate notes simultaneously: fusing warmth with sadness, and numbness with sincerity as Medium Build examines the rollercoaster of emotional being through the lens of retro-kissed bedroom pop—and reminds us all that sometimes it's OK to just feel bad.

This song is me trying to remember it’s okay. Sometimes I get so sad that I attempt to numb all feeling. Oftentimes after a day like that I wake up craving sincere connection. Like a sick cycle. — Nick Carpenter

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Written by Nicholas Carpenter

Produced by Laiko & Nicholas Carpenter

Mixed by Jimmy Mansfield & Paul Rogers

Mastered by Adam Grover

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