Gorgeous Folk Pop from Newcastle. - Miller Roberts: Voice in My Head
posted 23 Feb 2021 by Krister Axel
Glides away from the downward spiral of self-doubt, and into the warm light of creative affirmation.

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Miller Roberts is the alter-ego of 24-year-old singer and songwriter Millie Robertson, from Newcastle, Australia. An itinerant childhood, as one of five children, led to her regularly performing impromptu musical numbers and sing-alongs with her siblings. Deeply influenced by the sounds of James Taylor and Carole King, Roberts has always had an affection for the intersection of folk and pop music. In recent years, artists like Justin Vernon, Sufjan Stevens, The Paper Kites, and Lucy Rose have become a key inspiration behind her work.

Miller's latest single "Voice in My Head" finds her examining inner worlds of personal reflection — as she responds, through her art, to the criticisms of someone, once close to her, who didn't believe in her talent and abilities. This inviting blend of alternative folk and indie pop builds an emotional retrospective over the backdrop of acoustic piano, as Miller Roberts channels her frustrations through layers of gorgeous melody and an organic vocal performance, free of autotune, that feels both honest and raw. "Voice in My Head" provides a sense of closure, and vindication, for anyone that has been hurt in the past by the words of others. Miller Roberts speaks directly to the part of herself that felt trapped, and offers a stunning extenuation to those feelings of vulnerability. With "Voice in My Head" Miller Roberts glides away from the downward spiral of self-doubt, and into the warm light of creative affirmation.

I can't drown you out
Could you fall and not drag me
On your way down?
Is it possible for you
To leave all on your own?

Roberts' latest EP was produced in collaboration with local producer Jackson Barclay. Visit Miller Roberts on Instagram.

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