Nostalgic Lofi Pop. — MKSTN x tiger lily: like we're an indie movie
posted 06 Dec 2021 by Krister Axel
'We thought it would be cool to capture Tumblr and internet culture into our own take on a modern indie movie soundtrack.'

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Los-Angeles-based indie pop star tiger lily has teamed up with Toronto-based MKSTN for a new track that celebrates romance and that timeless moment of passionate connection. In the past year, both artists have released new tracks that were supported by the likes of Spin magazine, Stereofox, and EARMILK. "like we're an indie movie" delivers a moment of nostalgic chill electronica in a collaboration of like-minded pop up-and-comers.

We thought it would be cool to capture Tumblr and internet culture into our own take on a modern indie movie soundtrack. The song was inspired by Spotify playlist names and distant memories of spontaneous trips to chase a summer of love. — MKSTNN & tiger lily

MKSTN's music (pronounced mis·tak·en) has been circulated in sets by artists that range from Martin Garrix to Washed Out. He is a hidden gem in Toronto’s vibrant electronic music scene.

His motto is "less wifi, more lofi."

Sung over field recordings brought back from a trip to Paris, the nostalgic hook for "like we're an indie movie" drives home a sense of warmth and emotional comfort. tiger lily has opened for icons in both the rock and pop realms including Grammy-nominated duo Social House and members of girl bands such as Hole and the Go-Go's. Here, she puts the flashy red carpet vibe away for a long look inside her beautiful smitten heart. "like we're an indie movie" encapsulate perfectly that fleeting moment of intimate completeness—as we are encouraged to appreciate the gifts of the current moment.

With a gorgeous vocal presence and both ambition and talent to match, the future is bright for this promising young creator.

kiss me in the rain
Like you'll only ever love me
Like we're in an indie movie
Kiss me slowly

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