Los Angeles Electro Pop. - Moby Rich: Sabotage (Music Video)
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posted 09 Jul 2019 by Krister Axel
We take a look at how much blame we deserve for our own mistakes.

LA two-piece Moby Rich turn melancholic song-craft into bold pop-hooks. Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger relocated to LA in 2015 from Indianapolis and Atlanta respectively, and met at a local open mic night in search of a musical connection. A lasting friendship was quickly born, and Moby Rich found themselves channeling a newfound sense of urgency and freedom, exploring a sense of genre crossover that feels fresh, while keeping within sight of established wisdom regarding the song structure.

If a song can sound natural as a solo performance on acoustic guitar, then an arrangement can easily flow from that seed. The pair sing every song in unison which speaks volumes to their close friendship.

“We did all the vocals for this project, even up to today, on an iPhone 5,” explains Connor. “We took those vocals and pan them hard left and right. We used old Fruity Loop plugins to create some of the sounds we have. We created samples of random noises we found while creating the project and used those with the iPhone to create sounds that would be absolutely original.”

Like that guitar solo, that was performed by his refrigerator.

A deep and groovy kick drum and the ever-present acoustic guitar come together with a playful message about us all going through life together. With Moby Rich and their new music video Sabotage, we take a look at how much blame we deserve for our own mistakes; then we laugh.

Then we cry.

Hindsight, and I’m never sunny
More I think the less it’s funny

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