RnB Collaboration Delivers Fresh Summer Vibes. - Moods x Two Another: Control
posted 28 Jul 2020 by Krister Axel
Sometimes it feels good to just go with the flow.

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We've covered Moods before. "Control" is a special collaboration between this innovative Dutch producer and UK-based RnB alt-pop duo Two Another, which features a heady mix of RnB, soul, and crisp electronic music.

With added guitar magic from Amsterdam's own Yasper, "Control" showcases an infectious vocal harmony from best friends Angus and Eliot, assembled with a masterful mix of melody and natural groove from Moods. The vibe is sweet as Moods and Two Another smash house beats and killer vocals together in a lighthearted celebration of romantic acquiescence. Sometimes it feels good to just go with the flow.

Finally I'm feeling understood
This is how our story goes
I got all these answers thought I would
I just need you to tell me no

This song is featured on our Soul playlist. Moods is a producer based in Rotterdam, while Two Another is a pop duo that met in Sydney, and is now based in the UK.

This track is also featured on our 2nd episode of The Weekly Catch.

Two Another

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