New Wave Déjà Vu. - Muchacho: Mr. Runaway
posted 01 Mar 2019 by Krister Axel
A bit of introspection around the idea of how we motivate ourselves, and the importance of self-honesty.

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Now that we are a full generation out from the 80’s pop music era of young Madonna and Tears For Fears, we can trace the lineage directly from a song like Mad World, to the Gary Jules cover of it almost 20 years later, to the rediscovered sense of melodic pop-making from vaporwave stalwart The New Division another decade after that.

Muchacho brings their SoFlo vibe to a classic sense of melodic primacy and the all-important layers of synth and vocal effects. It’s a nice flow, and goes down easy as a bit of introspection around the idea of how we motivate ourselves, and the value of self-honesty.

“My heart is racing, come on baby feed me the light
Please don’t run away
Running away never got me anything”— Muchacho

Music is cyclical: like fashion, or the seasons, it is fun to pretend we know where it is going. Right now it looks very much like we are in a full-scale New Wave revival, and it sounds pretty good to me.

Long time collaborators from the since defunct band Supros are back after their 2 year musical hiatus. Singer/guitarist Jesús Núñez, percussionist Dan Farias and multi-instrumentalist Nick George have regrouped and restarted from where they left off. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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