Bittersweet Acoustic Alt Pop from Switzerland for Fans of Elliott Smith. - Native: It's Been A While
posted 01 May 2020 by Krister Axel
Native does not create so much as he removes the obstruction from a truth that was already there.

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Native is a singer and songwriter from Switzerland who constructs vast, ethereal soundscapes with a unique vocal style and an instinct for raw, honest emotion. "It's Been A While," featured on his soon-to-be-released 6-song EP "I See You In The Distance," combines spiritual fragility with a bold statement about the importance of negative space.

With a talent for harnessing the simple power of romanticized recollection, Native draws from the essential core of the instruments and spaces around him, to deliver songs that breathe with a life all their own. Native does not create themes so much as he removes the obstruction from a truth that was already there. A deeply private person, Native keeps the details of his personal life away from the cold judgements of the internet - we don't even know his real name, which is just the way he likes it. He keeps the focus on his art, and lets his profound and mysterious music speak for itself. "It's Been A While" mixes the organic tones of an acoustic guitar with live drums and layers of subtle effects and ambient electronica, as Native expresses a delicate moment of bittersweet catharsis that will ripple through your very soul.

I see you in the distance
You're not so far away
Shoot your arrows past me
You know that I can't stay
It's been a while
It's been a while

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