UK Bright Pop Sensation Prepares for Their First Headline Tour. - Nature TV: Treading Water
posted 03 Sep 2022 by Krister Axel
Combines an edgy indie rock vibe with sing-along melodies and a nod to retro pop.

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This lively Brighton-based quartet signed to Heist or Hit in September 2019 and followed up quickly with a number of well-received singles and the surprisingly bright 'Emotion Sickness' EP. Since then they have kept pace with a very busy schedule, releasing a handful of EPs along with opening spots for Swimming Tapes, PINS and VANT as well as tour support across the UK for Trudy & The Romance.

Their guitar-driven pop sound inhabits the fertile space between indie pop and psychedelic rock, with regular comparisons to bands like Peach Pit, Real Estate and Beach Fossils. Gearing up for their first UK headline tour in October, latest single 'Treading Water' was just released and features their signature juxtaposition of bouncy electric guitar, an upbeat drum pocket, and a spacious vocal mix. Their sound combines an edgy indie rock vibe with sing-along melodies and a nod to retro pop. The result is an easygoing and endearing nod to the choices we make every day between self-preservation and social interaction, balancing a chance at romance against the often difficult process of adjusting our expectations to meet the moment. Being alone is easy. If only it was enough.

I've got nothing to say
I've got nothing that makes this all worthwhile
I'm just treading the water, just trying not to drown
Fantasize about nothing with no one around me anymore
We've been working for something that won't work out no more
shut that door
All those other, pointless troubles, they come for free
Under cover, no one hides it quite like me
I want you, to stay there, so I can just be here
All alone, treading water as I go

Nature TV is:

Guy (guitar & vocals)
Josh (bass)
Zal (drums)
Jimmy (lead guitar & backing vocals)

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