Nettwerk Folk Duo Delivers Heartwarming Masterpiece. - Ocie Elliott: Coming Home
posted 15 Jan 2022 by Krister Axel
If comfort could choose its own soundtrack, it would be this song.

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Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy, the members of folk duo Ocie Elliott, met playing music at a festival on the small, wind-swept Salt Spring Island. With instant vocal chemistry and a shared love of warm, gratifying melodies their musical partnership came to life in 2017. Since then they have racked up more than 30 million streams and shared a stage with the likes of Mason Jennings, Sons of The East, Kim Churchill, and Joshua Hyslop while also keeping listeners engaged with covers captured live from the backseat of their Honda CRV. Their stunning harmonies have appeared on series such as NETFLIX’s Sweet Magnolias, Grey’s Anatomy, and New Amsterdam.

"Coming Home" is a perfect example of Ocie Elliot's ability to build vast emotional soundscapes from the simplest of figures—in this case, the concept of returning to a safe space, and the welcoming arms of someone you love. If comfort could choose its own soundtrack, it would be this song. With effortless vocal harmonies that serve as a perfect complement to each other, Ocie Elliott once again showcases their intimate, meditative songwriting as they present a beautiful new song that is sure to inhabit the happy space in your heart.

Restless wolves cry out in the cold
Chasing hours and your hand I hold
Galaxy eyes, seeking they’ll go
Lambent glow from your loving soul and I’m

Coming home with your song in my heart

Coming Home arose as a riff and chorus-line that Sierra was working along with. At first, we felt that perhaps the main phrase of the chorus was too direct and to the point but as the song evolved, and the verse lyrics came, we realized that it fit perfectly with the overall nature of the tune. This song is about the deep, spiritual feeling of having another's whole being fill one's own. — Jon Middleton

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